First blog post

Ta-daaaaahhh!!! Welcome to FoodCoffeeMe blog! I wasn’t quite committed as yet to be paying for premium so I chose this theme where there was already something set up and titled ‘First Blog Post’. The title seemed pretty appropriate so I didn’t change it.

Now I type as I speak and sometimes I don’t type fast enough to keep up with what I am trying to say, if you see any words missing, just let me know!

Right, so I originally started a photo blog to keep me from going nuts. At the time, Juliet was 3 months old and I wasn’t really getting out the house that much and I realised that a majority of my day involved singing songs and being obsessed whether or not I was keeping my 3 month baby alive, you should see my google search history – it’s pretty mental. Being the first time mum that I was I had all these ideas how some places should really cater more for mothers’ groups and mums in general – I mean how rude that there isn’t a change table at EVERY place i went to??? 🙂 …..I blinked and all of a sudden Juliet was 1, finding her voice and rarely sleeps in her stroller. HHhhmm….there goes that light bulb moment.  I continued to photo blog and many photos later, I realised how much I enjoy it.

So here I am, expanding to writing about my food, coffee and wine adventures with a dash of mum life or mom life. At the moment, I am attempting to do a FoodCoffeeMe tour of the Hunter Valley, this will take me AGES but I am prepared to take one for the team.

Anyway, can’t type too long. I haven’t quite the gift of gab to keep on waffling too much.

If you would like to share your tips on where to go around the Hunter Valley/Newcastle region, please drop me a line!

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