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Quick Post

Wow….I underestimated how much time actually is involved in this. 🙂 Right, just a quick one before I hit the road.

Had a huge weekend and we had some lovely friends over but now I am facing yet another full working week while Matt gets to stay and look after Juliet at home. I am kind of jealous but it’s only temporary. I have this Wednesday off so I am looking forward to some family time.

I’m still trying to get some kind of food routine while working. I’ve put on a little kgs and now getting a little uncomfortable… Rafiki says “It is time”.

This morning I had the usual warm water with freshly squeezed lemon and a quick toast with some avocado, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of the chevre that we had for the weekend. yum yum.


HHhmm…7.42am. I should probably hit the road… Alright, hoping to sit down tonight and do another post. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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