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Quick Wine Tastings

Matt, Juliet and I had some close friends visit us over for the weekend.

Although we have been enjoying the change in lifestyle, we were looking forward to having visitors over. So much so that when the car pulled up to the driveway, we were like excited little puppies hovering at the front door and running up to greet them at their car;

friend? friend? friend?’

Having our friends visit was a perfect excuse to get out the house,

– and the plus?

They have a gorgeous little 8 month old baby boy which means we can openly talk  and laugh about baby poop and spew with no weird looks. Share stories about parenthood without having to explain that our kid drive us mad but she is the best thing we have ever done….EVER.

If you look closely, you can see Matt, Rob, Em & lil Jack….Juliet is somewhere. possibly pointing and screaming at the garden decorations

We managed to visit 3 cellar doors which was pretty good effort on our part seeing as each visit required having to unbuckle and buckle at least 1 child.

Our first stop was Ernest Hill. I wish I could have sat down and had a proper tasting but having a toddler running around makes this a little difficult but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. The staff here are super friendly and so welcoming, bonus points for talking to our little ones.

I love the Hunter Valley, it’s one of the few places I know where you can walk in with a toddler and a baby in a carrier, have a tasting and it’s totally acceptable – I LOVE IT! I can’t imagine walking in to places like The Wine Library in Sydney with a baby carrier and a mini toddler screaming “oooohhhh quack!” at everything without the feeling that everyone will be hashtagging about  you while staring and saying,

– “this is NO place for a baby”


I missed out on some wines because Juliet and I did laps around, I thought that tiring her out meant that she would get it out of her system so she would crash in her pram by the time we sat down for our late lunch….I was wrong….


Matt was in charge of booking us a table for lunch and he did a great job choosing Pop Up at Harkham Wines. From what Rob and Matt gathered, Pop Up was, as the name suggests, a pop up restaurant, but due to it’s success they are now planning to make it more of a permanent fixture at Hunter Valley to cater for the afternoon crowd .

chicken fajitas, sliders and prawn & chorizo skewers

Pop Up is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays serving up Latino Street Food perfect for sharing. It has a casual and upbeat vibe and the service was warm and friendly. I had wished that Juliet’s laps at Ernest Hill would have tired her out so we could enjoy our lunch but we weren’t that lucky. Juliet somehow found more energy to use. It was like she  had snuck in a double espresso behind our backs.

We hopped over next door to do a tasting but the service was the complete opposite of PopUp despite the cellar door being quiet. Word of warning, don’t mention that you are not a chardonnay fan or from what I gather, voice your opinion of your preference of wine variety.

IMG_0712Apparently, if you happen to say the words, “I’m not really a Chardonnay person..” it’s the green light for a bad attitude and smart arse comments….shame, the people and food at Pop Up was so friendly.

I can see the wine expert’s view and perhaps they get annoyed with the amateurs that come in with their opinions but it’s not like we came in and said that Chardonnay tastes like poop. I don’t drink much these days and I have a personal preference, it is the same as having a preference to other things….needless to say, I walked out of there a little upset.

The last winery was Hungerford Hill – I didn’t go in and volunteered to stay outside with the little ones but based on the bottles that Matt, Rob and Em walked out with, I think they enjoyed it. Whoever picked the Pinot Gris for dinner made a great choice.

Matt bought a bottle of their ‘Heavy Metal’ Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon and we’re keeping it for a special occasion….or when Rob & Em comes back *hint hint*  come back soon guys! xx




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