Spiced Duck with Orange & Fennel & Espresso Panna Cotta

I don’t actually like the term Fri-yay, right up there with bae and yolo yet I find find myself using these non-words. Tonight, I came home after a long day and an end to a long working week. Bae surprised me with a wonderful dinner  and that was when my Friday became FriYAY.

Matt cooked up a 2 course dinner:


Spiced Duck with Orange & Fennel

paired with a 2013 Coldstream Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley VIC


Espresso Panna Cotta with Chocolate Liqueur Sauce

paired with Ernest Hill Eleven O’Clocker Muscat


Like most long term relationships it can sometimes hit a ‘comfortable’ flat line, we know that it is part of it  and we’re fine with it but then there are the occasions where one of you does something out of the blue and BOOM, you’re reminded why you’re together. AAaaaaaaaaawwwwwww……….

I’ve had a long tiring week at work and I honestly thought I would get a message asking me to pick up a pizza for dinner or something. I was dreading the pizza message..I didn’t want pizza…..I was craving something comfy.

Imagine my surprise when I walked inside the house and sitting on the kitchen bench were food prepped for dinner, bottle of red ready to be poured, Juliet’s dinner all ready and the bath ready so Juliet can eat, bathe and get ready for bed. Double Aaaaawwwww…..

I put Juliet to bed and Matt started on the mains. mmmMMMMMmmmmm duck

Matt had to do a little impov with the panna cotta and use ramekins but honestly, I didn’t care. It tasted so good. I could have that on a weekly basis – I LOVE coffee flavoured desserts.

Best way to start the weekend – thanks Matt, you did a great job with dinner.

The Spiced Duck is from Delicious and the Espresso Panna Cotta is by Nigella Lawson and the recipe used was from Masterchef.

Not the best plating by me but this was so good – well done Matty


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