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Mount Broke Wines


Ever visited a place and immediately fall in love with it? I had one of those moments the other day.  It started off with the pile of laundry at home and I thought to myself:

“f$#k it, I need to get out of the house….”

So little miss and I got dressed, jumped in the car for another mother/daughter  food adventure.

1.3kms down this road is Mount Broke Wines

I found myself on  Broke Road. I remembered that a couple of weeks ago, Matt, Juliet and I were driving down there and we chucked a u-turn thinking that there was nothing else past the Hermitage Road intersection so  today I thought I might drive down a little further to see what was there…

I am so glad I did. About 5 mins into the drive I saw a sign saying that Broke Fordwich was only 4 minutes. This road was a little…..blah…..and honestly, it is nothing exciting – just tree after tree after tree after tree…oh and more trees.  No wineries, driveways or other roads, only bushland on both sides with a fence that runs along a majority of the long stretch of road that clearly states that trespassing is prohibited (I googled later and found out that this was the Singleton Army Grounds). If it weren’t for the occasional signs informing me that Broke Fordwich would be another minute or so, I probably would have turned back on a regular day.


The drive itself is only an extra 15 – 20 minutes drive and it’s worth it. Broke Fordwich is a lot quieter than Pokolbin and Lovedale. At first glance, Broke seems a little more bare, and coming from Singleton Road, it has a much different vibe. It is clear why they call this place the tranquil part of Hunter Valley, I love it. I can’t believe that I had not been to Broke Fordwich before.


When Juliet and I reached the end of Singleton Street, my stomach started growling. We followed the first sign that caught my eye for lunch which happened to be Mount Broke Wines. One of the best decisions of the week I say.


When we pulled up, I noticed that there were only 2 other cars parked there. It felt like I just discovered the best kept secret ever. I looked back at my partner in crime but she was still asleep. I wish she shared my excitement but on the flip side, I was glad that she was still asleep. I wanted to absorb the scenery in peace just a little while longer before she woke up which meant I had to clock back in to being mamma bear.

It was a little chilly that morning and there was that feeling of rain in the air. A light blanket of clouds surrounded the tops of the hills in the background. Across from the cellardoor/cafe were Mount Broke’s black angus cattle relaxing in between the rows of grapevines where some of the grapes used for Mount Broke Wines come from. The cattles were not even bothered by my car pulling up the driveway.


I woke up Juliet and the two of us followed the short path that wrapped around the side of the house which revealed a gorgeous outdoor dining area. I wish I had taken photos but there were people sitting there and I don’t like taking and posting people’s clear faces without permission.

We were greeted by Phil, who I assume is one of the head honchos of Mount Broke Wines, and he was just lovely. He held out his hand to shake but me being the socially awkward moron that I can be, just looked at his hand and smiled..I don’t know what is wrong with me sometimes.. ..

During lunch, the anxiety kicked in and I thought about the fact that I didn’t shake his hand.

I wonder if he was offended??

I considered going up to him to explain my awkwardness…I didn’t (phew).



I don’t usually have a wine when I am out with just Juliet but I made an exception. I had a cheeky half a glass of the 2014 Verdhelo with my lunch…….wow……it was goooood.. I’m not kidding, I wish I wasn’t driving and wished I could have had the full glass BUT safety first kids!

Prawn Risotto prepared by Chef Andy

I had a little taste of the other wines that was on offer for tasting that day. It is very rare that I like every single wine on the tasting menu but here I loved every single one. You know how you go to some tastings and you politely smile and say it was good but really you didn’t like the smell or something? Nope, not here, I loved it all. These wines are ready to drink although Phil tells me that the 2011 Shiraz will probably keep for another 5 years.

For lunch I had the Risotto followed by the Panna Cotta with mango coulis – AMAZING. Best Risotto I have had for a long time. I just hope that it’s like this every time, it was so good. I am the type of person whose moods get affected by food, let’s just say that I was in the best mood all day.

I made sure I didn’t leave without buying a bottle of the Shiraz and a bottle  of Verdhelo that went well with our Thai Style Fish that night.

Only open for lunch during weekends from 12 – 3pm but the cellar door is open from 10am – 5pm daily. On the off chance that the cellar door is closed, the sign will let you know before you start the 1.3km drive.

Do yourself a favour, make the effort and go to Broke Fordwich. For the Pokemon Go players, there were 2 Pokégyms that I saw and it’s a red gym to date.





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  1. Hi Marlene
    Phil and I are the owners. Thank you so much for your compliments. We are absolutely wrapped and I’ve shared it on our Facebook page. I hope you don’t mind. We hope to see you and Juliet again soon.

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