A quick note

Finally have some time to type away.

I had this giant idea that I was going to dedicate quite a bit of time in the kitchen in August and focus on foods that mum loved….

…then, life happened….

Juliet threw random sleepless nights, I got sick, Juliet’s first bookweek, working full time, road trip to visit family, then Juliet got sick again, I had severe nausea, I got sick again, found out I am pregnant….

*phew* I think a high five is in order here…or a slap at the back of the head for sounding like I’m having a whinge.

I’ll try again next year.

“….wait, what? did she just say she’s pregnant??”

Yup, it’s true. I’m the up the duff, bun in the oven, preggers, preggo, ‘eating for two’, with child.


It explains the emotional mood swings and why I have been crashing out at weird hours of the day. Also why my hangry level goes from zero to hulk mode on ice within the space of 5 minutes.

For me, trying to write something while overly emotional is not a good idea. The last few weeks I have had to look away from facebook and stop listening to the news. I either got annoyed, sad, angry or all of the above. I certainly didn’t want to join the growing army of keyboard warriors. My days of online anger is well and truly behind me.


Now I  know I promised to post a recipe for spring rolls but here’s the problem. I was writing notes and took photos while making them …. but I misplaced my notes and I can’t find the memory card that has the photos.

I can probably write it from memory but I’m so afraid I might miss something.

The ‘baby brain’ struggle is real. I am already a scatter brain by nature (a trait I inherited from my mother) but now it has been intensified.

Matt sent me a photo last week while I was work captioned ‘baby brain??’. That morning before I left home, I was frantically looking for a pair of socks that magically disappeared from my hands. I ended up running late for work (again) and I never found them but Matt did… the fridge…

So you see what I’m up against here.

I now have to wait until I find these damn notes or when I make them again. Spring Rolls aren’t something you just whip up quickly. They are time consuming.

For now, I’m trying to re-adjust and find my rhythm.

Wish me luck.


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