I hate baths

A quick post away from food.

I was super uncomfortable yesterday. I have been having these aches that have been ranging from dull to sharp to…ugh….watever….I called the hospital to check when I should start thinking of going in. The midwives I spoke with said that it sounds like I am in early labour but to wait for more progress….


In the meantime, Matt suggested that I run myself a bath and I thought,

“oohh yea, that sounds like a lovely idea. a nice relaxing warm bath to relax the ol muscles….”

According to Dr Google, pregnant women are not supposed to have hot baths and they have to be warm. It apparently MAY affect…..ugh can’t remember….blood flow???

I don’t know if this has been proven. For a few weeks, I survived pelvic girdle pain by sitting in a hot bath and lying down with 2 hot water bottles to ease the chronic pain that I was having. Without the hot baths, I could barely walk. I am now a couple days shy from my given due date and have had extra scans and blood tests, baby is showing to still be thriving.

Anyhoo, I had this image that I would have this nice warm bath, close my eyes and feel relaxed. You know, like in the movies…..

After lying in the bath for about 5 minutes, I was reminded how much I hate baths.


It is NOTHING like the movies.

My neck was sore after a few minutes and I certainly did not look relaxed like Kathryn Heigel did in that movie where she was pregnant.

I was uncomfortable.

The angle of the bath made it near impossible to sit back without slipping down and splashing around.

I filled up the bath but I still couldn’t get completely submerged in water. The top of my oversized belly and boobs were half covered and they just kind of just bobbed up and down getting cold. To make matters worse, the bath plug that we have sticks out right in the middle so it kept poking me.


I didn’t completely write it off straight away. I already invested in the idea and SO MUCH WATER that I had to give it a red hot go.

So I laid there in this funny angle where my chin almost touching my chest, watched the water barely cover my oversized pregnant belly and tried to relax….after a few minutes I thought to myself,

“I hate this……..”

To try and get the rest of my body warm, I tried lying on my side. I rolled a towel to try and support my neck. …..

still hating it…..

I considered getting out early but I filled the tub right up and the thought of the water I would be wasting…might as well make the most of it….

I closed my eyes, thought about how this pregnancy has been so exhausting but thank f**k it’s almost at the finish line…….aaaaaahhhhh……..

“….nope…eff this….I’m getting out…..”

To top off this wonderful bath experience, I couldn’t get out. I was basically like an upside down turtle…..

Matt had to come to my rescue and help me up which was a good thing because some circulation must have been cut off  my legs while I was half lying there uncomfortably that they were numb….

In summary, I should have just had a warm shower. Less water and more relaxing.

As for labour? I am still at home and waiting for stronger contractions…it’s been a fun 2 days so far but I just have to keep reminding myself – it is temporary and will be so worth it.







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