Cabin Fever

On April 20, Matt and I welcomed into this world another beautiful baby girl, Morgan Rose.


I won’t bore you with the details about the labour – to be honest, it’s not something I really want to re-live or try to piece together. Some parts of it are missing in my memory bank….let’s keep it that way for now. Long story short, I had a good taste of what the term “labour” meant and f*ck, it hurt.

Little Morgan Rose was born via semi elective caesarian- means I gave it a red hot go to give birth naturally but was given the option for a csection because of the circumstances. I could have kept going and tried for a natural birth but as it turns out, I made the right choice. If I had kept trying to give birth naturally, it would have ended up being an emergency csection. As it turns out, Morgan was not only posterior but also was brow presentation. Doc said after that it was going to be impossible to give birth to her naturally.

But, after all the tears and snot, it was worth it. This little girl is freakin amazing.

Worth it???

Yup, worth it. However, looking back,  I should have devoured a cheeseburger, had an espresso shot and guzzled 10 litres of water. Once the decision to have a caesarian was made, I was not allowed to eat or drink anything sans ice chips.


I think I waited for about 8 hours to go into surgery. I was not a happy chappy at the end of it. For a person that thinks of their next meal while eating, this was not the ideal situation.


So, with csections there are a few simple yet inconvenient rules to follow for the next 6 or so weeks:

  1. No lifting anything heavier than your baby (so in average, nothing over 3 -4 kgs);
  2. No raising arms above shoulder length;
  3. Move around but not too much. Rest often
  4. No activities like vacuuming, hanging out washing etc; and
  5. No driving!


In my view, anyone that thinks that a caesarian is the easy way out, needs a high five to the face.


Anyway, so I’m stuck at home limited as to what I can do and cabin fever has kicked in. Despite how much I love our coffee machine, there’s only so much coffee I can realistically drink in a 24 hour period.

what to do, what to do……

Ooohh! I’ll make and bake stuff! And hashtag the crap out of it on Instagram!


In the last week, I started brain storming of all the things I can do for the next few weeks….then the pain kicks in and I realise that I still need to take it easy. I sometimes forget that I’ve been cut open and I have a large scar across my abs where a human was pulled out of for the second time.

So for my next project-  cake mix hacks!!!

Cake Mixes – love em, hate ’em or don’t care. I like the convenience of cake mixes. I always have a vanilla and a chocolate one in the pantry as a just in case.

Just in case??? Since when were cake mixes a pantry staple?? – Since I love cake that much and sometimes I really can’t be bothered measuring ingredients out. Besides, the chocolate ones are pretty good, it’s the vanilla flavoured ones that have this weird taste in them.

So, first on my Cake Mix Hacks project was a Lemon Meringue Cake.


First grab your choice of vanilla sponge cake mix – my preferred brand is Duncan Hines. It still has that distinct cake mix taste but I find Duncan Hines cake mixes lighter than some other brands.

I replaced the water with milk and added the zest of 1 lemon and the juice of half a lemon. It gave it a little zing and it kind of masked the cake mix taste. I suppose you can add the juice of 1 whole lemon or more depending how lemony you want it.


For the lemon curd,  I made The Best Lemon Curd Ever, recipe by Not Quite Nigella. If you haven’t had lemon curd before, don’t buy it. make it! Seriously, it is so easy and tastes a million times better than the store bought stuff.  With the leftover lemon curd, you can use it as a spread on toasts, banana bread….ice cream toppping??? …..hhhmmmmm…maybe…..



The recipe by Not Quite Nigella only requires egg yolks and it’s perfect! Plus, since I need to make Italian Meringue for the cake, this means no wastes whatsover.

For the meringue, I made Italian Meringue. It takes a bit more time and patience but you can’t beat it’s texture for lemon meringue.  Make sure you use a candy thermometer!

So, I had my sponge, yummy lemon curd and velvety smooth Italian Meringue.

In between the sponge cake, I slapped on a good layer of lemon curd and tried my best to spread an even layer of meringue on top of that.

I frosted the whole cake with Italian Meringue and toasted it with my trusty blow torch to give it the signature toasted marshmallow look.


It was pretty good and looked pretty impressive. However, it did still have a subtle cake mix taste….but hey, it’s a Cake Mix Hack project so watevs right?

Till the next post!





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